Forum entirely dedicated to Business Development in Italian and International Football. Prearranged B2B meetings supplemented by conferences and workshops. The ideal meeting place where leading firms can directly interact with the club’s key decision makers. A place where to do business, find new contacts and uncover the most recent innovation in Football.


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Ludovica Mantovani, Director Europe was asked to actively contribute to the organization and development of FootballAvenue since January 2013, also due to her previous experience in U.C. Sampdoria’s Marketing Department; a club which was owned by her family for 23 years. The staff works for this yearly appointment with the objective to lead Italian Football towards a new culture.


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“This year FootballAvenue will be held at San Siro Stadium. We will all be able to discover and appreciate the hospitality area which was completely renovated on the occasion of last year’s Champions League Final.
FC Inter and AC Milan “play at home” for this edition, which sees us entrusted not only with the overall organization, but above all, with the launch the new Digital Purchaising Platform, which will optimize office work throughout the year. Excited for this new adventure we do not forget those who welcomed us for four years: a heartfelt thank you to the whole staff at the Juventus Stadium.”
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