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Unique b2b forum in Italy for the Business Development to consolidate and increase of brand awareness.

Great speed ​​for the first contact with the Clubs of your interest to increase your business in the Football World. 

Constant updating of the Club Network database thanks to the new Digital Purchasing Platform

Invite Guests for your successful PR event at San Siro Executive Lounge

We can structure a tailor-made package together



Club Invitation Professional football teams represented by their CFO, Commercial & Marketing and Logistics Department. Marketing PR and Communications, Partners, Sponsors, Branding and Merchandising. Logistics Venues & Stadiums, Facilities, Supplies and Services.

Professional Updating

Business Development Forum "This Sixth Edition of FootballAvenue introduces great news, says Ludovica Mantovani Director of Europe FootballAvenue, because we open ourselves up to the world of Women Football. For over thirty years, with our Social Commitment Tournament, we have always given space to little girls in football and we are sure that this is another way to go and develop, taking advantage of the positive and negative experiences that male football has taught us."

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